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Acai Berry Diet Blend Formula for increased maximum weight loss!
We are the World's only stockist of AcaiBerrySlim™

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AcaiBerrySlim™ "For that ultimate weight loss"

For those of you that are looking for the newest weight loss product that has hit the scene in recent months, we are pleased to tell you that your search is now over. The world has literally gone acaiberry mad over the last few months and we predict that the excitement is set to continue for years to come. Acaiberryslim™ is the number #1 selling Acai Berry Weight Loss product in the UK, and for good reason! Its combined weight loss formulation mixed with a whopping 1000mg of pure Acai Berry per capsule makes this a fantastic Acai weight loss product.

The feedback and video diaries we have received from our customers that use Acaiberryslim™ have been truly amazing with many customers losing between 2 and 3 stone in as many months. Please feel free to take a look at the excellent Acaiberryslim™ offers of the month that we are currently running.

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Acai Berry Slim fights fatigue and boosts
Energy Levels!

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Acai Berry Slim helps you lose
unwanted Weight and look Healthy!

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Acai Berry Slim breaks up & removes of
Harmful Toxins and promotes Healthy Skin!

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Acai Berry Slim contains the highest
Anti-Oxidents of any Food!

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AcaiBerrySlim™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acai Berry?

  • The Acai Berry is 80% seed and 20% Fruit
  • The Acai Berry was first called a 'Super food' in Hollywood
  • It has 20 X more antioxidants than the common grape
  • The Acai Berry fights against Free Radicals in your Body
  • This can prevent ageing , cancer and other diseases
  • The Acai Berry Can be found in Brazil in the Amazon floodplains
  • Helps you stay young
  • Great at burning fat and increases your energy
  • 1 tablespoon of Acaiberry has more antioxidant properties than a glass of red wine .
  • Here is how the Tiny Acai Berry competes against other nutritious fruits ; Scores measured in ORAC, Bananas 220, Apples 218, Blueberries 2,400, Acai Berry 5,500.
I've seen many Acai Berry products on the market, what makes this one better for my system?

AcaiBerry Slim has been formulated to provide maximum weight loss results. The formulation has been tried and tested and is completely unique.

I have seen many companies quote that there product is 2000mg but upon closer inspection they are actually 500 mg per capsule but you need to take 4 a day = 2000mg! What is the exact mg of AcaiBerry Slim capsules?

The AcaiBerry Slim capsules are high strength @ 1000mg per capsule.

Is it possible to take more capsules per day to speed up the process or do I have to take the recommended amount each day?

The recommended amount is 2 capsules per day; this can be increased to 4 capsules maximum per day according to results. If you start to lose weight to quickly then the daily intake should be reduced.

Is there a difference in the quality of acai berry being used in some products?

Yes there is a huge difference, make sure the acaiberry is of pure quality and not extract. Also the only way to keep the nutritious qualities of the berry once it has been harvested is for it to be freeze dried immediately upon harvest.

Am I able to eat whatever I like while taking Acai Berry Slim?

In theory yes you can but the results are not going to be nowhere near as good as choosing to stick to a balanced healthy diet.

What are the best types of food to eat whilst taking Acai Berry?

Balanced healthy meals, any snacks in between should be fruit or a vegetable, Try and stay away from chocolate and crisps if you can.

Can I drink tea and coffee whilst taking Acai Berry?

Yes you can but try to avoid using sugar and milk if possible. You can drink as much water as possible throughout the day and evening if you wish.

Is there anything else I can take in conjunction with Acai Berry Slim for even greater results?

Colonic Cleanze is very good and is an all natural supplement that clears all the waste from your system ?it does offer immediate results. You can take this on a day by day basis depending on results.

As well as taking this Acai Berry would you recommend any exercise as well?

Any form of exercise is good, some of us are not as fit as we used to be but that should not stop us from walking to the corner shop instead of taking the car. I would say keep within your limitations and if you are unsure then consult your GP before beginning your exercise routine.

Acai Berry is known as a "super food" what does this mean?

The term ?super food ?originated in Hollywood USA. Basically it?s a tiny berry that?s packed full of goodness and nutrients ? quite unbelievable for a berry of its size.

Where does Acai Berry come from?

Acai Berries comes from the Amazon rain forests in South America, they are found growing on a fast growing type of palm tree and they resemble bunches of grapes to look at.

Should I take Acai Berry during a meal or after?

Take them twice a day before meals with a glass of water

Can you drink alcohol while taking Acai Berry?

Yes you can but it is fattening! Try to limit your intake perhaps to weekends if you can.

While taking Acai Berry can I take other medicine?

Yes AcaiBerry Slim is an all natural supplement, but please consult your GP if you have any concerns.

Can I still take my contraceptive pill whilst taking acai berry?

Yes there are no reports of any negative feedback in taking both these. If you are concerned please consult your GP.

Can I take Acai Berry whilst breast feeding?

No that is something that you cannot do. You will just have to wait until you have finished breast feeding.

Is Acai Berry Slim vegetarian friendly?

Yes its totally vegetarian friendly you will be pleased to know.

Seen a lot of these Acai Berry scams about, this is currently preventing me from purchasing any products, so what makes this any different?

Yes there are a lot and it is a bit confusing, it's important you always check the companies terms and conditions. Here at AcaiBerry Slim we do try and warn you about these scam sites on our website. When you purchase Acai Berry Slim you are actually purchasing the product and not a free trial. You need to stay away from free trials but the companies still ask for your credit details.

How do I know that my payment is secure?

Payments are only taken on line through pay pals 100% secure payment page. None of your credit card details can be seen by the company selling you the product. All they get to see are your name and address details.

Can I pay by alternative ways?

Yes you can pay by cheque, or over the phone, or by bank transfer.

How quickly are orders posted and how are they sent?

Orders are posted out next day and are sent 1st class Royal Mail. If you have any problems e mail the customer service team and I know from experience that they are very helpful in sorting out any problems that may arise.

Do you know if they post to Dubai?

Yes we post to anywhere in the world and delivery is Free which is pretty amazing!

Can I be of any age to take Acai Berry?

Minimum age is 18, I know of customers as young as 88 that are taking them and losing weight!

If I stop taking the acai berry will I put my weight back on?

That depends if you are going to hit the chocolate and crisps! If you continue with a balance diet and some exercise {if possible} then there is no reason why you cannot maintain your ideal weight.

I am a size 16 and desperately want to lose weight ? Is this possible?

Yes absolutely follow the steps on the 2010 weight loss programme together with taking Acai Berry and you could certainly reach a size 12 dress size within 12 to 16 weeks!

What are the benefits of taking Acai Berry?

Well losing weight is the top of the list, but also removing bad toxins from your body, giving you increased energy and improving your skins complexion are some of the main reasons.

While taking Acai Berry I was taking other supplements for dieting, will that stop Acai Berry from working?

No it should not, you just have to be careful one does not counteract the other. One supplement that does work extremely well with Acai Berry Slim Is a product called Colonic Cleanze.

I'm concerned about losing too much weight, how can I control this while taking Acai Berry?

Yes this is a concern most of us would like to face! Basically if you feel that you are losing weight to quickly then reduce the daily amount of Acai Berry Slim that you are using accordingly, if you are concerned about this then I would suggest you see your doctor.

Will Acai Berry cause any major side effects?

We have personally not heard of any major side effects.

Will Acai Berry improve my sex life with my partner?

Well it will certainly give you more energy in that department!

Can I just target one area of my body with Acai Berry?

It will generally help you to lose weight over your overall body, however if you can and decide to exercise on a regular basis then those affected areas of your body will inevitably tone up a lot quicker.

I've been reading online about Acai Berry and diet programmes, would you recommend one for me?

Our 2010 Acai Weight loss programme is fantastic, we had an email from a gentleman last week who has lost over a stone in under a month on it!

Will Acai Berry help with my constipation?

It?s certainly not a constipation cure although it may help? A better form of constipation relief is Colonic Cleanze;

I read online that Acai Berry burns weight, is this safe?

Yes it gives you added energy which in turn increases your metabolism thus burns the fat, a bit like doing an exercise routine.

I'm currently training and building muscle, but will Acai Berry affect that muscle weight gain or just lose the fat?

Yes it?s a great way to increase you physique, it help lose unwanted fat and increases muscular structure and tones your body.

Our customer testimonial videos about Acai Berry Slim. Please keep sending these into us! Thank you.

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